Paradigm are delighted to be a part of and an active participant of the MCAG.

Personally, my motivation for being a member of MCAG,  is to harness the positivity of change and see what we can achieve in our market where I am cognizant to achieve real and lasting change we combine economic gain with environmental long-term value.

Whilst many of you will have children who will affect your thinking in this area, I am on the next rung of the ladder with Grandchildren and whilst we can’t affect the past we can affect the future, it is incredibly exciting working on initiatives with colleagues in the MCAG who genuinely want to create a positive impact through education and information.

Within MCAG we have the opportunity to turn the might of our collective business community into a very powerful force in the fight with climate change, it is something that everyone should be a part of, be it lenders, brokers, and clients. It’s a common goal.

Richard has worked in the intermediary market for over 30 years, holding sales management roles with Scottish Mutual and Scottish Provident and National Key Account roles with James Hay, Cater Allen and Santander for Intermediaries.

As Director of Mortgages at Paradigm, Richard helps to develop the Lender proposition by managing the relationships with the entire Lender panel – including Specialist Lenders and Equity Release providers. Richard also hosts all of Paradigm’s Mortgage CPD events.