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The Green Finance Institute (GFI) was established in 2019 as a direct response to a key policy recommendation made by the industry-led Green Finance Taskforce to the UK Government in March 2018.

Our vision is a greener future made possible by finance. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a clean, resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by channelling capital at pace and scale towards real-economy outcomes that will create jobs and increase prosperity for all.

To achieve the transition to an inclusive, net-zero carbon and climate-resilient economy, both public and private finance is needed.

Sitting at the nexus of the public and private sectors, the Green Finance Institute convenes and leads sectoral coalitions of global experts, that identify and unlock barriers to investment towards impactful, real-economy outcomes, to benefit our environment, society, and business.

We are an independent, commercially focused organisation backed by government and led by bankers. We are fuelled by science and data and propelled by the creativity and ingenuity of the finance sector.

We design, develop and launch portfolios of scalable financial solutions that accelerate sector-specific transitions to a low-carbon future.