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The Brokers' Handbook

The Brokers' Handbook on green home retrofit and technologies

Energy efficiency measures and green home retrofit technologies are crucial to the transition to net-zero ready homes, as are the financial products and services which will facilitate their roll-out.

This handbook seeks to inform brokers about different green home retrofit solutions and technologies by providing a profile of the options available and their associated opportunities and risks, as well as quality assurance standards.

Mortgage intermediaries have wide-ranging, long-standing and trusted relationships with homebuyers, therefore have an important role to play in the decarbonisation of UK homes. This resource will help them identify the opportunities and risks, quality assurance standards, and benefits across the housing value chain, as well as the policy landscape for home energy efficiency.


The Lenders’ Handbook

The Lenders’ handbook on green home technologies is a practical guide to help financial institutions and others understand the key technologies available…

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Delivering a Net Zero Future

HSBC have designed three modules that aim to provide a foundational insight into what Sustainability and Net Zero actually is and how we can transition to a Zero Carbon economy.

Energy efficiency and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

The below resources from BM Solutions and Halifax are full training modules, designed to help advisers understand sustainability and EPC requirements in order to improve your interactions with your customers. Click on the images to access the training – they can be downloaded and viewed offline to complete in your own time.

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