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The Lenders' Handbook

Unlocking the private finance needed to decarbonise the UK’s 29 million homes is dependent on financial institutions having sufficient, relevant, and up-to-date information on the green home technologies their customers are seeking to fund.

The Green Finance Institute’s Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (CEEB) has released the Lender’s handbook on green home technologies, a practical guide to help financial institutions and others understand the key energy efficiency, heating, microgeneration and resiliency technologies available to homeowners. The Handbook offers users a snapshot of each technology, including the current costs, carbon savings and benefits, as well as profiling the main funding options, quality assurances and guarantees to protect customers.

Energy efficiency measures and green home retrofit technologies are crucial for the transition to net-zero ready homes, as are the financial products and services which will facilitate their roll-out.

Mortgage intermediaries have wide-ranging, long-standing and trusted relationships with homebuyers, therefore will plan an important role in supporting consumers on their net-zero journey – in particular, in relation to upgrading the energy efficiency of their property.

The Brokers’ Handbook is under active development by the Green Finance Institute, Mortgage Climate Action Group and other leaders from the finance and energy efficiency sector, with the ambition to inform mortgage intermediaries about different green home retrofit solutions and technologies including their opportunities and risks, quality assurance standards, benefits across the housing value chain, and the policy landscape for home energy efficiency.

We will bring you updates on the progress of the handbook as it happens.